On January 16th, in observance of Makar Sankranti, most of our service partners will be closed. This will have an impact on pickup and delivery services. To provide Services as effectively as possible, our team will work hard. We truly appreciate all of your help and patience during this festival time.
!!IMPORTANT!!!: The delivery agent of our Service Providers will never ask you to transfer any amount of money to their bank account through phone calls/SMS/e-mails. Any such phone calls/ SMS/e-mails asking you to reveal your credentials or OTP could be a fraudulent attempt to withdraw money from your account. NEVER share these details with anyone. Coreyo wants you to be secure.


Streamline your international shipping with Coreyo: simplified customs, clear choices, updated restrictions, and transparent costs for seamless deliveries.

These are logistics services that involve the movement of goods across international borders. International logistics require specialized knowledge of international trade regulations, customs clearance procedures, and international shipping laws.

Global shipment services

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